Sue’s Coffee House

“Sue’s Coffee House is a throw back to a former time when people slowed down, enjoyed the view, talked with friends and neighbors that happened to drop in on your morning coffee. The view is fantastic, the chairs designed to delay your departure, and the coffee made to order. The computer access reminds you that you are in the 21st century, but what the heck, you can always ignore them!” writes Rick Rose when he suggested Sue’s Coffee House as his favorite place for coffee and a newspaper or a friendly chat with friends.

Sue runs her coffee house with a quick smile and a twinkle in her eye; but the chef behind the secret coffee blends served there is her husband Pat. He will not reveal the source of the beans he blends to create different coffees, but does say he uses a different mix for his morning, afternoon and espresso coffees. Freshness is such an issue with Pat that he roasts his coffee beans in small batches every other day.

Sue’s Coffee House is located on the south side of the Riverview Plaza across from Palmer Park. Behind Sue’s Coffee House you will find Pat’s cigar lounge and Bella Casa di Vino wine bar.