We are fortunate that we have three nature trails in the city that show off the best of Michigan’s woods.  Plan a walk on a warm sunny afternoon.

Alice W. Moore Woods Nature Sanctuary

A mature oak-hickory woods with a peaceful pond and a 1.5 mile long nature trail.  The entrance to the sanctuary is located at the intersection of Stratford and Hawthorne Roads in the city.  There is parking at the entrance, but there are no restroom facilities.

Ed Schumaker recommends a walk in the Moore Sanctuary after a new snowfall and ice skating on the pond in the woods.

BP Dome Petroleum Nature Trail

Pleasant 2.5 mile walk along the Pine River.  The entrance to the trial is on the southeast side of the Fred Moore Bridge that crosses the Pine River at the city’s west entrance.  There is no parking at the entrance; I suggest riding your bike to the entrance or parking at Neiman’s Family Market and walking on the Bridge-to-Bay bicycle path to its entrance.  There is an unmanned security gate at the trail entrance (no codes needed); a port-a-potty is located on the trail and a picnic table has been placed at Turtle Beach.

Greig Park Nature Trail

This is a pleasant 1.5 mile nature/interpretative trail through the woods, with planked walkways over the marshy areas.  Greig Park is located next to City Hall on Carney Dr.  It can be used from dawn to dust.  There is parking, restrooms, children’s playground and a picnic area.