In a poll of Rotary Club members asking them for suggestions on “Things you can do with your sweetheart,” taking your sweetheart to Rotary’s Centennial Park was the most popular suggestion received.  With the statues and flower gardens along the Pine River it is a wonderful place to spend time with someone important to you.

In 2005 to celebrate Rotary International’s 100th anniversary the St. Clair Rotary Club decided to “perk up” the park.  The park provides a quiet shaded sanctuary to survey the river’s activities with all its hustle and bustle without getting involved.  It is a great place to talk and contemplate life.

Adirondack chairs are placed high on the bank overlooking the Pine River making them an interesting place to enjoy a cool beverage on a hot day.  Because Rotary Park is part of the City’s boat harbor complex, it is the only park in the city where you can consume an alcohol beverage (a local secret).

There are several picnic tables placed along the boardwalk with charcoal barbeques scattered around them.  On weekends boaters have a tenancy to keep them occupied, but during the work week they are usually available for a picnic.

If you want to create a lasting memory, contact the St. Clair Chamber of Commerce (810-329-2962) for the telephone number of one of the excellent personal chiefs in the community and have them cater a gourmet meal for your occasion.