Fred Rollins sent an e-mail saying he is surprised that more people don’t know that the St. Clair Boat Harbor (902 S. Second St.) rents canoes and kayaks. The Pine River is an interesting river to canoe; it is the only river in the county that starts and ends within it.

Turtle Beach is an easy canoe trip where you will find picnic tables and a port-a-potty. If you continue past Turtle Beach you reach the Fred Moore Bridge and the city limits. The landscape is diverse, on sunny days you can see turtles taking their sunbaths on semi-submerged logs and if you are real lucky you might see a Blue Heron – so bring your camera!

We suggest calling the boat harbor to guarantee your rental – 810-329-4125

If you want additional information about canoeing the Pine River, go to St. Clair County’s Water Trails website: