The competition for St. Clair’s 2018 Bootlegger Balladeer and Poet Laureate has started with the release of next year’s legend, French, Blink and the Whiskey Train. The challenge is for poets and songwriters is to tell the story in the most entertaining way. Often in their investigation of the legend they uncover facts not known at the time the legend was created.

The winner of the poetry contest is named St. Clair’s 2018 Poet Laureate and the winner of the songwriting contest is named St. Clair’s 2018 Bootlegger Balladeer. Both winners receive a proclamation from St. Clair’s City Council naming them the winners of this year’s event and a cash prize.

Use this link for the legend and contest rules:

The contest will start at 7:00 pm on January 24, 2018 at LaCroix’s Riverside Pub.