2015 Blue Water Sportfishing Association’s Salmon Stakes Tournament

When: Sat, April 25, 6am – 6pm
Where: Voyageur, 525 South Riverside Avenue, Saint Clair, Michigan
The 2015 Blue Water Sportfishing Association’s Salmon Stakes Tournament will be hosted by the Voyageur Restaurant. Coordinated and run by the Blue Water Sports Fishing Association.
Fishing Contest:6:00 am to 1:00 pm
Fish Weigh-in:1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Family Fun Activities:Noon to 6:00 pm

Tickets may be purchased at the Voyageur Restaurant any time up to the start of the tournament.

Additional information about the tournament can be found on the Blue Water Sportfishing Association’s website: www.bluewatersportfishing.net

14th Annual St. Clair River Marbleye Classic Tournament

When : Friday, May 15th 4:00 pm to Sunday, May 17th Noon
Where : St. Clair Boat Harbor (810-329-4125), 902 S. Second St., St. Clair, Michigan

• $500 Hog Prize
• Three Daily Winners
• Raffle
• Daily Mystery Fish Contest
• Additional $100.00 daily payout for ANY legal size, registered walleye, drawn at random.


Website : http://www.marbleyeclassic.org

About St. Clair

St. Clair is Michigan’s fifth English speaking settlement. In 2014 the City will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the building of Fort Sinclair by the British at the junction of the River Huron (now renamed the St. Clair River) and the Pine River.

They Say...

When I first moved to St. Clair, I thought this was just a sleepy retirement community. After 15 years as a St. Clair resident, I know what a great place it is to raise kids and run a business.

Matt Brooks